Diversity & Inclusion

Mitchell Event Planning has joined Open to All®!

This means we are making an explicit commitment to maintaining a welcoming and safe
environment for people—including employees, visitors, customers, vendors, and clients—regardless of
race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, immigration
status, religion, or disability. Not only that, we’ve signed the pledge not to discriminate against any
individuals or deny them goods or services based on any of these characteristics, and to provide all
goods and services to everyone on the same terms.

We joined the Open to All® coalition of hundreds of thousands of businesses nationwide because we
believe we all have something to contribute. We believe we can all learn from one another. We believe
that when we work together, when we value our employees, when we care for our customers and one
another, we all thrive.

The Open to All® campaign is also supported by more than 200 national and state civil rights and racial
justice organizations; LGBTQ organizations and community centers; health and healthcare advocates,
disability advocates, and inclusive faith organizations; and more.

Of course, we know that this is just a step on the long road towards achieving full equality for all. That’s
why we’re committing to listening, learning, and continuing to find ways to better serve you. If you’d like
to learn more about this campaign, visit www.OpenToAll.com.

Mitchell Event Planning has joined #UnityThroughCommunity

As a member of the wedding community, we are actively working to:

- Rid the wedding industry of racism, prejudice and bias
- Support, promote and purchase from creatives of all backgrounds
- Diversify our followers
- Diversify our network
- Diversify our clientele
- Diversify the industry’s educational platforms
- Commit to being accountable and holding each other accountable